Sanitize Your Hands On The Go!

The Handsan Wrist Is A Portable On-The-Go Sanitizer That Makes Staying Safe Easier!


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The Handsan Wrist allows you to stay safe by letting you have a hand sanitizer on hand.

The Handsan Wrist does three essential things for you:

The Increased Need For Hand Protection

Our hands carry a lot of germs. And if care is not taken, these germs eventually find their way into our bodies through our mouth. The easy way to stop that would be to sanitize our hands often. But it’s not easy to always remember to sanitize our hands.

That’s where The Handsan Wrist comes in.


What's The Handsan Wrist?

The Handsan Wrist is a hand sanitizer holder. It’s an easy solution to the problem of forgetting to sanitize your hands. It’s a bracelet that allows you to sanitize your hands with one squeeze. With that one squeeze, you can easily clean your hands of germ and keep yourself and people around you safe.

What's So Great About The Handsan Wrist?

Handsan wrist

The Handsan Wrist is probably the best accessory for anyone who works in germ-laden environments

Handsan wrist

The bracelet is strong enough to be used in all environments

Handsan wrist

The bracelet can withstand squeezing, drastic temperature changes, and filling

Handsan wrist

It can be used for days, weeks, and even months in a row

Handsan wrist

The silicone hand sanitizer holder is made with hypoallergenic food-grade silicone, which is the same material used for baby bottle nipples and dental retainers. What this means is that it won't chaf or irritate the skin like other kinds of bracelets. It won't harbor bacteria either.

With The Handsan Wrist 24/7 Protection Is Now A Reality

How many times have you gone a whole day without sanitizing your hands? The answer is probably many. With The Handsan Wrist, that would never happen. Your wrist would be an ever-present reminder to sanitize your hands, and you’d be able to do it under five seconds.

The Handsan Wrist isn’t what you’d think of when you imagine bracelets. But in an uncertain world threatened by the ever-present threat of Covid-19, it’s one accessory that everyone should have.

The Handsan Wrist does three essential things for you:

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If You Want An Easy Portable Hand Sanitizer, The Handsan Wrist Is The One For You