Houzez Theme

The theme you will buy for your work know the advantages and disadvantages of that theme.

Houzez theme may be a professional WordPress theme for land websites.This versatile WordPress template was designed and developed with the requirements and requirements of land agents and corporations in mind.

This land theme allows you to determine professional land marketplaces, coordinate your agents.Houzez theme is perfectly suitable if you’re running to launch top-quality directory sites. 

Why Houzez theme?

One-Click Demo Import:Simply choose one among our neat demo websites and replace its content.

  1. Easy to urge started.
  2. Pre-Built websites.
  3. Highly customizable.
  4. Page Builders.
  5. Elementor Page Builder.
  6. WP Bakery Visual Composer.

30+ Drag-and-Drop Elementor Widgets For Real Estate:We offer a good range of custom widgets to help you in adding features to your pages.

  1. Search Builder Elementor Widget.
  2. Inquiry Form.
  3. Contact Form.
  4. Grid Builder.
  5. Listings Sort By.
  6. Listings Tabs.
  7. Icons.
  8. Section Title.
  9. Property Card v1.
  10. Property Card v2.
  11. Property Card v3.
  12. Property Card v4.
  13. Property Card v5.
  14. Property Card v6.
  15. Property Carousel v1.
  16. Property Carousel v2.
  17. Property Carousel v3.
  18. Property Carousel v4.
  19. Property Carousel v5.
  20. Property By ID.
  21. Property By IDs.
  22. Houzez Grids.
  23. Agent Grid.
  24. Agent Carousel.
  25. Testimonial Grid v1.
  26. Testimonial Grid v2.
  27. Testimonial Carousel v1.
  28. Testimonial Carousel v2.
  29. Price Table.
  30. Team.
  31. Partners.
  32. Post Blog Carousel.
  33. Post Blog Grid.

Take advantage of the amazing flexibility:

  1. Elementor Based.
  2. Display Search Tabs.
  3. Free Search Placement.
  4. Fully Responsive.
  5. Custom Fields.
  6. Styling Options.

Navigation:You’ll Never come short on Delivering an excellent User Experience.Choose between 8 navigation bar options to supply the simplest UI to your visitors.

  1. Elementor Pro Compatible.
  2. Mobile Side Menu.
  3. Transparent Navigation.
  4. Sticky Navigation.
  5. Color Options.
  6. Font Options.
  7. Mega Menu.
  8. Social Icons.
  9. Create Listing Options.
  10. Mobile Optimized.

Customizable Header:Design an upscale header with a good range of customisation options.

  1. Header With Google Maps.
  2. Parallax Header.
  3. Header With Video.
  4. Header With Slider Revolution.
  5. Header With Custom Slider.
  6. Elementor Header.

Customizable Footer:Houzez theme allows you to build a feature-rich footer with a good range of tools and options.

  1. Elementor Pro Compatible.
  2. Customizable Options.
  3. Color Options.
  4. Various Templates.
  5. Social Icons.
  6. Widgets Ready.

Page Builders:Create unique pages for your realty business without any coding.

  1. Drag & Drop Based.
  2. Elementor Page Builder.
  3. WP Bakery Visual Composer.

Styling Options:Houzez gives you the tools you would like.

  1. Global Colors.
  2. Navigation Colors.
  3. Menu Colors.
  4. Footer Colors.
  5. Search Colors.
  6. Custom Logos.

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Houzez theme