A unique two-in-one LED light and security camera that keeps you safe.

LiveGuard Pro Is A Camera That Combines The Benefits Of Both A LED Light Bulb And 360-degree Security Camera Into One Cool Electronic Gadget.


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What's The LiveGuard Pro?

LiveGuard Pro is a fish-eye live monitor bulb camera that combines the usefulness of a LED light with the benefits of a 360-degree camera and makes it into one cool gadget. The LiveGuard Pro certainly looks like an ordinary LED light, but it’s not. It’s a security camera in the perfect disguise, and it’s the best tool for protecting your property.

LiveGuard Pro stands out in the market because of three unique features:


What's So Great About LiveGuard Pro

With LiveGuard Pro, You Can Now Protect Your Home From Anywhere

LiveGuard Pro gives you a 360-degree complete vision of your home, allowing you to monitor it from even the most remote places. If you want to guard your properties properly, get LiveGuard Pro.

Thought you'd never ask:

Liveguard pro

What sets this camera apart from other cameras is an integrated IP camera. With its integrated live monitor 360° camera, it gives you a clear idea of everything that's going on in your room. Thanks to this camera, you can be sure that you have no blind spots in your view.

Liveguard pro

It has a CMOS sensor in place that's capable of producing FHD images at 1280x1024p resolution. The sensor ensures that you get clear and detailed security footage at any time you want. It also has motion detectors and about 128 GB of SD card support to make your security structure better.

Liveguard pro

It's a live monitoring camera with app support. It also has WiFi support, and the app allows you to log in and check out your property from anywhere in the world. It's the perfect direct stream live home monitor camera.

Liveguard pro

The LiveGuard is the perfect disguise as it masquerades to outsiders as an ordinary LED bulb. This way, you'll be able to catch criminals in action and help law enforcement to track them down and arrest them.

LiveGuard Pro is an easy security solution. It’s a perfect disguise for a camera, covers all possible angles, and provides detailed images that will help law enforcement track down criminals. It’s the best solution for protecting yourself and your family.

LiveGuard Pro stands out in the market because of three unique features:

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Protect Your Property With LiveGuard Pro