Lumi Charge II- All In One LED Desk Lamp & Phone Dock

LumiCharge II

LumiCharge Dimmable LED Desk Lamp | Multifunctional Lamp & Charging Station | Qi 10W Fast Wireless Charger I Universal Phone Dock | Motion Sensor | Home & Office Décor | 1 USB Port

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LumiCharge II


LumiCharge II
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Version 2.0 Black

Light source type


Light Direction




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Item weight

3 Pounds

Product Feature

  • LED Desk Lamp
  • Full Calendar Display with Date, Time, Temperature settings
  • Dimmable display backlight
  • Multiple Brightness levels for each color option.
  • Universal Phone Dock 
  • Motion Sensor
  • 1 USB Port
  • Remembers your last LED Light color and brightness setting
LumiCharge II
LumiCharge II

If you’re one of the many of us who has a table lamp for your table or night time stand, the Lumi Charge II wishes to exchange it. This crowdfunded (now in manufacturing) desk lamp tries to do pretty much the whole thing, combining a multi-hue and multi-brightness LED lamp with a nightlight, common smartphone rate stand, Q1 wireless charging, a USB fee port, and an LED display showing data such as time, date and temperature. That’s numerous capabilities in a single device. Does the LumiCharge II pull it off?

LED Light + Night Light

The main purpose of Lumi Charge II is to illuminate the work area or reading area, and it does a good job. This desk lamp uses a modern pole design with a 360-degree swivel multi-articulated arm and a wide-angle lamp head with integrated LED (the LED panel is nearly 9 inches long). It can rotate 30 degrees on its own. In any direction. The touch control on the base turns the light on and off, and you can switch between three different light temperatures (so you can choose between cold white light or warm white light) and 10 different brightness settings. When the light is off, the last used lighting setting will be saved. As a desk lamp, Lumi Charge II offers a wide range of coverage, great flexibility to direct the light exactly where you want it, and a range of lighting options. In other words, what you Check Plagiarism Check Grammar Summarize Content What you expect from a product built into the lamp base is an LED night light with a diameter of about 1 inch. If the room is dark, the night light will turn on when motion is detected (there is a switch to turn it off when it is not needed). It worked as marketed — with accurate motion sensing, darkness detection and an invaluable level of illumination.

Charge Any Smartphone

Most modern LED desk lamps have a USB port in the front or back so you’ll be able to plug in a smartphone to stay charged. The Lumi Charge II has that, with the USB-A port positioned in the back of the bottom. But this table lamp is going some distance beyond the fundamentals. The top surface of the bottom is a Qi-enabled 10W rapid wi-fi charger. With my iPhone it labored completely and this is a truly great approach to have. The designers are lovely and pumped a few docking stations hidden beneath a plastic lid at the front fringe of the bottom. Lift the lid (which becomes a make stronger) and a rotating “charging wheel” is printed, with 3 other fee connectors: USB-C, Micro USB and Lighting. They are located upright, being able to tilt and the theory is you dial up the right connector and dock your smartphone so you’ll see its show as it feels. The concept is cool enough. In reality, i Discovered docking can be a little fussy, the lid is flimsy and the smartphones i Attempted (one using Lightning and one using USB-C) would now not take a seat moderately directly regardless of reseating — having the show always fairly off kilter was disturbing. The universal dock works, however it appeared just a little fragile to me and I Was satisfied to stick with the wi-fi charging.

LumiCharge II

LED Display

The Lumi Charge II has an LED show fastened at the front. It shows the date, day of the week, time, and room temperature. All useful info to have available at a glance. It may also be programmed to set an alarm. A replaceable watch-type battery assists in keeping the settings intact when the lamp energy is off.

Should You Buy the LumiCharge II?

As an LED desk lamp, the Lumi Charge II does a lovely and excellent activity. It’s flexible, with a lot of settings to choose between. It’s also currently about double the going fee for LED table lamps that supply identical lighting functions (and the $159 value as soon as the crowdfunding perks run out is triple that).

Whether the Lumi Charge II is definitely worth the top class will depend on how much worth you placed on its additional features: the Qi wireless charging, universal price dock, night light and LED show. If you don’t want the ones, it’s no longer value paying further for, however should you do then the space-saving prospect of having the whole lot in one instrument makes the Lumi Charge II value making an allowance for.

Disclosure: Lumi Charge equipped a desk lamp for evaluation however had no enter into this overview.