Ultimate Addons Plugin For WPBakery Page Builder

Ultimate Addons plugin

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The plugin you will buy for your work know the advantages and disadvantages of that plugin.

Ultimate Addons plugin adds numerous top-rate elements in your wpbakery page builder on pinnacle of the integrated ones given by means of wpbakery. Every single element inside the package is crafted with utmost interest to detail and a easy goal to provide you an final revel in.We’ve positioned a variety of time and care to make certain that each one the elements are bendy in order that they may open infinite opportunities for you while keeping simplicity at the middle.

Why Ultimate Addons plugin?

Addon Elements: Icons, Info Box, Info List, Flip Box,Counter ,Interactive Banner,Modal Popup Box,Timeline,Extended Google Maps.

Vertical & Horizontal Parallax:With Ultimate Addons plugin the background moves at different speed & direction from your content on scroll.

Features:Fixed Image Background keeps the image fixed at it’s position while the other content moves on scroll.

Hover Parallax:The background moves creatively with cursor movement.

Video Background:Plays a video in the background. Supports hosted as well as YouTube videos.

Multilayer Hover Parallax:Design a real 3D parallax.Go ahead impress your users.

Features of the Icon Fonts Manager:

  1. With Ultimate Addons plugin you can personalize your personal icon fonts – we apprehend you don’t use all the ones hundreds of prebuilt needless icons that come with any of those popular libraries like font extraordinary, entypo, etc; but you care greater about best the few ones that relate on your commercial enterprise greater.
  2. That’s why, we’ve made our icon fonts supervisor very compatible with the famous icomoon’s apis wherein you may create your own customise font by way of shortlisting your favored icons from the selection of 2500+ icons! If those 2500+ icons nevertheless fall short, icomoon will nonetheless cowl you with their excellent function that allows you exchange your svg designs in the icon fonts.
  3. Actual time icon search – okay, lots of us would really like massive numbers & greater picks of icons, wouldn’t we? Although this preference is in reality very fancy, it without a doubt comes with a ache as we are able to’t easily locate the icon that we’re searching out while we need it. And that’s why we’ve got integrated a actual time seek function which permit you to sort through all of the icon fonts you have got on your library very well.
  4. Ultimate Addons plugin has greater capabilities on the way! As stated earlier – icon fonts supervisor is our character, long time venture; and we appearance ahead adding extra capabilities in it with time including integration with wordpress’s menu, tinymce editor, and so on. Whilst those capabilities could be advanced – they’ll be supplied in this plugin as properly.

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Ultimate Addons plugin
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Ultimate Addons plugin
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Ultimate Addons plugin